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Manager: Mary Flynn


Your Activity Centre

  • Many rooms of various sizes available including full sized sports hall. Organise your event, Private party or meeting here and enjoy this warm, pleasant, modern building. You will be supporting the local community.
  • Free WiFi available in all rooms on request.
  • Free parking. We are located in the Church Car park off North Avenue and the rise, Mount Merrion.
  • Tea and Coffee may be arranged on request.
  • Storage space for clients equipment.
  • Toilet facilities on two levels.
Rooms may be rented for Parties, Conferences, Lectures, Corporate events. The Sports hall opens out on to a private and secluded garden suitable for outdoor activities. All rooms competitively priced.

Cypress Room↑Firsr Floor: Cypress Room(longer than appears). Size approx. 20' X 28'

Chestnut Room↑Firsr Floor: Chestnut Room. Size approx. 20' X 15'

Conference Room↑Firsr Floor: Sycamore Room. Size approx. 11' X 15'
Fitzwilliam 1 Room↑Ground Floor: FitzWilliam 1. Size approx. 20' X 30'

Fitzwilliam 2 Room↑Ground Floor: Fitzwilliam 2, far end of divide. Size approx 20' X 31'

Bridge Room↑Ground Floor: Fitzwilliam 1 & 2. Size approx. 20' X 61'

Coffey Deck↑Ground Floor: Coffey Dock. Size approx. 30' X 75'

Sports Hall↑LowerGround Floor: Sports Hall. Size approx. 43' X 12'

Titania Room↑LowerGround Floor: Titania Room. Size approx. 30' X 12'

Garden 1↑Side Garden. Size approx. 102' X 30'